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abandoned buildings, alien ant farm, androgyny, apc, axis powers hetalia, barnes and noble, being thin, ben kweller, black books, brendon urie, buddy holly, ceramics, christ, cocteau twins, cotton candy, cranberries, crocheting, crossovers, csi: miami, cuba, die, diners, doves, drumming, dune, ect., electro, embroidery, empathy, environment, eric clapton, espresso, explosives, fine dining, fog, frank zappa, frodo, gap, gay porn, gemma ward, gibson, goggles, going out, green eyes, h2o, henna, high school, hips, hot water music, humanity, iceland, industrial music, jack kerouac, jack's mannequin, james joyce, john williams, kara, kid rock, kirsten dunst, liz phair, mad men, magic the gathering, making clothes, margaret atwood, markers, milo ventimiglia, movie, mulan, music theory, networking, newsboys, nip/tuck, observing, oral, oral sex, party monster, paul frank, pepper, phone calls, pi, pj harvey, playing music, pretty girls, princess mononoke, puns, qaf, r.e.m., rachel, rafting, rock n roll, rping, ruby, s&m, scream, screeching weasel, sevendust, sharp objects, sia, slurpees, snowflakes, stargate atlantis, stationary, steampunk, stevie nicks, strike anywhere, studying, tank girl, the bible, the rock, therapy, thought, thrash metal, tim mcgraw, tom felton, tom welling, trucks, underwear, unwritten law, vaginas, vampyres, vanilla sky, velvet acid christ, violent femmes, vocals, weekends, wentworth miller, william blake, witch, writing poetry, Алиса, Кастанеда, МГУ, веб-дизайн, виски, звезды, кактусы, огонь, радость, смотреть в глаза, спокойствие, страны, утро, шампанское, экология